How to put YouTube Videos on Moodle - Vodcasting

You can easily put youtube or google videos on Moodle either in one of the boxes on the left, right, or center by doing a simple copy and paste.

1. Turn editing on and then hit the edit icon(the pencil) in the box you want to add the video.

2. Next hit the "toggle html source" button located next to the spell checker. Looks like this - <>.

3. Now copy and paste the embed code for the video. In youtube this is located below the url.

4. You may want to change the dimensions of the video. In the code you will see the same numbers appear twice. I recommend changing them to 195 for width and 170 for height. Remember to change them twice for the two times they appear in code.

And there you have it, takes no time and you can post your assignments via video, record lectures, even give video based tests(we'll get into that one later using HOT POTATO)

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