How to add image to moodle

Here is a beginner tutorial for how to add images to your moodle course.

1. Log in to your course and turn editing on.
2. Hit the top edit icon, the hand holding pencil, in the box you would like to add the picture.
3. Once you are in the edit screen, hit the image icon, a little framed picture.
4. The insert image window should pop up. You may then browse and upload your image or enter its url or web address.
5. If you uploaded your image you can select it by double clicking and you see it come up as a preview.
6. Next enter the alternative text, what people will see if the image does not load, and specify alignment and size if you desire. You may also resize and align in the main editing window by dragging corners of the image itself.
7. Hit okay and you should see your image in the main edit screen. Make appropriate adjustments like resizing and then click save changes.