Elgg Presentation Tool Video Tutorial

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use the Elgg presentation tool to tie student files, blogs, pictures, videos, and anything else they have collected into one coherent, structured, and logically ordered presentation. This tool is ideal for self-assessment of eportfolios because students can reflect on their work in a timeline-like fashion to demonstrate progress. It also will create a link to their collective work they can show prospective colleges and employers. Follow the link below to view video.



Introduction and Overview of Moodle Video Tutorial

This video is especially for instructors new to Moodle who would like to see a basic overview as it is used at Hawaii Tokai International College. Some of the features quickly passed through in this video include online quizzes, uploading or creating online syllabus, glossaries, rss feeds, uploading and posting audio, uploading graphics, and more. Just follow the link below to view the video!



How to make a quiz in Moodle - Video Tutorial

Hi everyone. As promised, just follow the link to watch a video tutorial about how to make a basic multiple-choice quiz in moodle.



Make students teachers on Moodle

Here is a good one for all you Moodlers out there. I have started a pilot course allowing my students to play the teacher role and so far they are loving it. I am too. Because they are designing tests themselves. This is saving me a lot of work, and alllowing them to get more critical in their methods of study. It has put them in the driver's chair. You can see the sense of empowerment in their eyes. Here is exactly how to this.

1. In the administration block go to assign roles and make your students teachers!
2. Have your students turn editing on and tell each one to add an activity, and choose quiz.
3. Add the new quiz. There are many options but usually just filling out the name field will suffice.
4. Once you submit that information, you can go on the make new questions and make a quiz.

The ideal project is to have all students submit questions which are oputr together to make the complete quiz. Try it with your class!