Google Apps Eportfolio Online Rubric and Assessment Form

For a quick example of Google Apps Eportfolio Assessment via Online Evaluation Form click here.

Our school is planning to implement a Google Apps ePortfolio using the entire Google Apps suite, Docs, Picassa, Youtube, Google Video, maybe Blogger, and the like for artifact collection. For artifact presentation and reflection we are planning to use Google Sites.

One of the key elements of this plan is that it will encourage formative assessment. Formative assessment meaning ongoing evaluation and feedback between instructor and students, and perhaps peer review as well. To aid in this process Google Docs has a very powerful feature called Forms. An online form can be easily created around a rubric and then embedded in a Google Site Eportfolio for viewers to fill out. Results are then tallied by Google Docs with a spreadsheet and data summary page automatically created for the owner of the form.

This is an incredibly simple process to go through, makes assessment very efficient, and provides useful feedback for the student to make improvements. It also make providing information about inter-rater reliability of the rubric and can be applied to automated data tracking by an institution. How to coming soon.