How to podcast with Audacity and Elgg

Have your students keep oral journals. Post your lectures online. Hate writing, like talking, then tell them. In just 5 minutes you can be set up to podcast with Audacity and Elgg.

1. Download Audacity and install the open source audio editor.

2. Download the Lame library necessary for exporting Audacity files as MP3s. (Ask your system admin for help with steps 1 and 2.)

3. Record your lecture, music, or whatever by pressing the record button in Audacity.

4. Go to File and export as MP3.

5. Add your mp3 file to "your files in Elgg.

6. Add a new post to a blog and add the MP3 file and there you have it.

By making the post public you will also be able to create an RSS feed so that the public can subscribe to your podcasts!

Unbelievable how easy and fast this is!!!

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